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How we do it!

We design from the scratch or work with content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and also work with popular frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, NodeJS, Zend Framework, AngularJS, to build robust applications. Our experienced team design these web applications to be compatible across several web browsers and also give them a responsive feel depending on the clients’ demand

Current Trend

In Codisats, We develop feature rich customs web applications, sites and portals for corporate and internet-based organizations. We also develop SaaS solutions and as well deliver full supports to our customers at affordable cost. We can give you that feel that can always surpass your expectations. We can actualize what you conceptualize to meet business demands for your customers.

Why Choose Codisats

The current trend in the world now is getting an online presence. Through this means you can spread information across millions of users and communicate effectively using several options ranging from text and multimedia: images, videos and sound files. The evolution of internet provides a cost effective means towards using digital contents to disseminate information to a number of users.

We Provide E-Commerce Integration

Having a shop attached to your website is a plus towards generating revenue for your business. We can make you transact with your clients by giving you a friendly interface that can be operated easily with optimal security options embedded in them.

The products can be displayed according to customizable categories and during shopping these individual products can be added to cart prior to checkout and payments.

We Provide Intranet, CRM and ERP Solutions

It is imperative to keep detailed profiles of employees in any organization. We are always there to help you develop Intranet and ERP solutions for your company. The rationale behind this is not limited to enable your employees work with each other, store and share files within the organization, and to communicate but to also minimize cost while delivering exceptional services and meeting customers’ demands and other SLAs among others.