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LG’s ThinQ Smart Fridge

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LG’s ThinQ Smart Fridge

LG’s latest ThinQ smart fridge has a transparent 29-inch touch screen and runs webOS (Operating System)


LG tried the last two previous year with a version called Smar InstaView Door-in-Door that ran a full version of windows 10. This present and latest version uses the touchscreen to manage your food using LG’s webOS (Web Operating System) software and Amazon’s Alexa (Amazon Alex is an intelligent personal assistant that was developed by Amazon, it was initially used in the Amazon Echo which is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon and Amazon Echo Dot devices which is a voice-controlled device that used Alexa to play music, control smart home products, provides information etc.)

This version uses the touchscreen to manage your food using LG’s webOS software and Amazon’s Alexa which will let you know the expiration dates of food and automatic reminders when your food stuff are about to go bad. There’s also a wide angle panoramic camera inside the fridge which will let you view the fridge when you are not at home or out buying something, you can use the panoramic camera to see and know what you have and need to buy.

LG is also touting how all of its ThinQ kitchen gadgets can talk to each other to make kitchen tasks easier. So your ThinQ fridge can talk to your EasyClean oven, which will help you cook food through step-by-step instructions from the recipe app from your fridge. Then, your EasyClean oven can notify your QuadWash dishwasher about the kind of meal you cooked, so it can more efficiently select a wash cycle for that dish. Of course, all this requires spending thousands of dollars replacing every appliance in your kitchen (and if this all works as well as LG claims it does), but it’s still an intriguing vision of a Jetsons-like future utopia.

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