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Our Services

We offer a range of services with commitment to ensure clients’ satisfaction using the latest technology to meet world-class standards. Being a customer oriented company, we pay special attention to offer our clients an insight driven intuitive service to ensure optimal outcome at the most affordable budget. We are dedicated to make you happy in anything we do. We specialize in the following services:

Web Design

We are fully dedicated to design and deploy website as required by you


We design both stand-alone and web-based systems using state-of-the art technologies like Java, Python, Visual Basic, ASP.Net, MVC, C#, PHP etc.

Web Development

We can build any type of websites from scratch including or customize an existing one

Open Source Customization

We can also work with open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress give you desired feel

Mobile App

We can develop lightweight apps compatible with your mobile phone

Multiple Platforms

Provide your users outstanding convenience through interactive applications that can run on Android devices, iOS and Windows mobile devices

Codisats Pledge

In CODISATS, we apply our skills relentlessly in uniquely actualization your dreams in a cost-effective manner. If you are looking for a reliable partner that will surpass your expectations, then we are all you need.

Why Choose Us

  • You conceptualize it and we actualize it
  • We have consistent Delivery/Workload
  • We are partners with well known organizations nationwide and have zeal to broaden our horizon
  • We have a team of motivated professionals with competence in the wide range of services we offer
  • We offer support because we care about you as much as you do.