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Cyber Stalking

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Cyber Stalking


Stalking in general means repeated, illegal and unwanted surveillance by a person or group of people towards an individual, for any sort of motive such as obsession, unemployment, job loss, failure with the perpetrator’s life, intimidation. Cyber stalking on the other hand is the use or internet, communication devices or any other means to target a victim with the use of electronic devices instead of attacking them in person. This attacks aren’t limited to harassment, death threat or battery only, they also include false accusation, defamation, obsession, slander, vandalism or gathering of information to use as a blackmail against the victim.

Like some cases of stalking, Cyberstalking are sometime done in order to gain some kind of control over the victim, instil fear, intimidate or get a ransom/property from the victim, for whatever reason or motive it may be, cyber stalking is a serious offence under various states anti-stalking, slander and harassment law. As technology has evolve, people have found other means of committing such crimes without even breaking a sweat, take for instance, a lover may track the movement of his or her spouse using a GPS tracking device either attached to their phone or car, some gang members may also target a policeman just by listening to a walkie-talkie when tapped into the right frequency.

When identifying or considering to report a cyber-stalker to the authority, some few feature(s) will have to be considered to characterize the person as a stalker or action as stalking; distress, obsession, vendetta, harassment, threat, neglecting warning to stop the behaviour or action.

A conviction of a cyber-stalker may result in restraining order, probation, criminal penalties including jail. When convicted a person can spend from 5 – 10 (Five to Ten) years in jail depending on the country, state, or level of damage(s) done during stalking.

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