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Scamming and Scammers

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Scamming and Scammers

Scamming and Scammers: Scamming and Scammers (also known as con artist) is a way of defrauding others by providing fake, forged or misleading information about their selves, what they do or who they are, in an attempt to provide you with a service, information and or documentation you might need in return for payment.

They can use your social media profile against you foremost to gain your trust, how? They know your friends, some family members, schools you’ve attended, places you’ve worked and so forth, they sometimes act as an old friend or long lost relative with the help of your profile to deceive you. It is a good etiquette not to add or accept request from any random person on social media, to be sure of this, do yourself a favour and go through their profile before accepting or sending a request. Don’t give personal your personal information quickly or at all, if you want the service they are offering, Verify their identity by meeting them one on one, before proceeding with anything.


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