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How to increase system performance by adjusting battery and visual effect settings

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How to increase system performance by adjusting battery and visual effect settings

In our previous post based on system performance we’ve discussed about the tools to help improve system performance, HDD and RAM. In this post we’ll discuss about some tips/trick to increase your system performance, they are a lot of things you can do to increase your computer’s performance which doesn’t include changing a hardware or using a program, these are things like changing the performance from the battery settings (For laptops) or even from the graphic performance.

To change the performance from the battery settings, click on the battery icon which is located at the bottom right of the screen (task bar) when you click it you’ll see ‘Select a power plan’ which are; ‘Balance’ and ‘Power Saver’. Balance option allows you to use the best performance of your computer, but choosing this option will use the computer battery heavily. Power saver is the exact opposite of the former, it allows you to use the computer’s performance to a sufficient extent and uses the battery lightly. Depending on what you wish to do, you can select either power plan any time.

Another way you can increase the performance of your PC is through the ‘System Properties’ this option will let you choose from a range between best performance to best appearance. To do this press windows key + e (or go to ‘My Computer’ which is also ‘This PC’ for windows 8 and above users) right click on a white space and select properties then click ‘Advanced System Settings’ from the top left, select the ‘Advanced’ tab and click settings under performance. On the ‘Visual Effects’ tab you can select the option which best suites your from best performance to best appearance and click ok


system performance

Another thing you can do is disabling start-up application, these are applications that run immediately the computer is turned on they mostly run in the background without your knowledge, to disable the ones you don’t need simply go to task manager by pressing ctrl+shift+esc go to start up tab to see all the application that are launched immediately you turn on your computer, if you aren’t able to see any tab(s) click on ‘More Details’ on the bottom left of the task manager. click on the application you wish to disable and click on ‘Disable’ on the bottom right, this will stop any application from launching  next time you restart your PC.

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